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Why come to It’s YOUR Time Dental?

Commonly asked questions:

Why don’t you contract with discount dental insurance companies? We don’t offer discounted services to enable us to provide the best services possible. We don’t want to compromise on materials or techniques but aim to provide proven lasting restorative, reparative, and cosmetic solutions for each of our patients.

How do we save by coming to It’s YOUR Time Dental?

You save money by only getting the treatment you need and/or want and by spending less time with us getting that treatment done. We feel the most valuable thing you have is time. Time to do what you want. Time to spend with who you want. Time to do “nothing” and relax if you want. By not making you wait while we tend to other patients and considering each patient’s needs and wants individually, we are better stewards of your time and resources.

Why is my treatment or exam different from someone else’s?

We don’t have a set protocol for exams or cleanings because each patient is different.

We are not going to take additional radiographs just because your insurance would pay for it. How would that help you? How would that be better for you? It wouldn’t, so we don’t do it that way. We only do one exam a year, most insurances pay for two, which leaves one in the event there is an issue some other time in the year, and leaves more benefits for you to utilize.

We will look at the records you have, consider what additional or new information will help us discover, and figure out what you need, and those will be the records we will acquire. It is true that many have similar needs, but you will notice that after a few visits of “boring” findings, we will recommend we reduce the number of X-rays we take because they aren’t showing us anything new. If we see something suspicious, we can always take another to clarify or verify, otherwise, we’ll just keep checking enough to avoid surprises.

Will you work with my insurance?

If you have insurance, you may decide it’s not worth paying for the coverage you’re not utilizing, or you may decide it is worth continuing for peace of mind if something does arise. Either way, we won’t use up your insurance just because you have it, but will keep as much of it available to you for services you might need. We will do our best to help you get every benefit of the money you are paying them and will provide them with the records they require in order to get the reimbursement for you.

What about if I self-pay?

If you don’t have insurance, we will keep the costs as low as we can to keep your money where you’d rather spend it.

Do we offer any cash or pre-pay discount(s)?

Sure! If you don’t have insurance (insurance won’t pay in advance so it won’t work with insurance) and pay in full prior to having treatment done we will extend a 10% discount (5% if you use a credit card). Our cash patients also get the benefit of our conscientious patient discount. Our conscientious patient discount means, if you are current on your recommended routine care, getting your hygiene visits, exams, and needed x-rays done as we prescribe, and you have an issue that brings you in another time, we will do the exam free of charge for

you. We figure it’s not your fault your timing was poor and you didn’t have the issue when you were due for your annual exam. You’re doing all you are supposed and can, to take care of your teeth, so we’ll help you. Now, yes, we will still charge for fixing the problem but not for helping you discover what the problem is.

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