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Queen District Creek Dental is now It’s YOUR Time Dental

We know this seems long, but read to the end, it will be worth it.

We’re excited to announce new local ownership, management, and name for Queen Creek District Dental. The familiar convenient location and awesome team remain the same and now ownership will be by a local member of our community.

We’re changing our name to It’s YOUR Time Dental to emphasize our focus on respecting your time, getting you in on time, taking care of you in an efficient, timely manner, and minimizing your wait time so you can get on with the things YOU want to do. On another note, if you’ve been putting off dental treatment you want and need… Isn’t it YOUR time to take care of you?

We’re assuming no matter how nice and gentle we are, we’re still not going to move very far up your list of favorite places to visit, but we are not going to give up trying.

We are sure you’ll enjoy our time and efficiency-focused gentle methods for helping you get the care you want and need. Dr. Othman, Hanna, Chelsea, Monique, Alyssa, and Erika will still be taking amazing care of you and there is a chance you’ll see a new face or two also. Watch for the announcement of our grand opening coming soon.

The new owner, Dr. Brent Parrott, was reared in Northern California with four younger siblings (all girls except the oldest three). He led an active life, participating in competitive sports, including swimming, waterskiing, racquetball, football, basketball, and baseball. He participated regularly in church and Boy Scouts, obtained the rank of Eagle, and held leadership positions in both. His greatest aspiration from an early age was to be a great dad.

In finding a career, his father advised him against following in his footsteps of dentistry. But after receiving treatment by a dentist other than his dad, Dr. Parrott decided the world needed more gentle caring dentists like his father, and less like the one he saw. He immediately switched from computer science to pre-dental and has been thrilled with his decision.

Serving a two-year mission in Spain helped Dr. Parrott learn to speak Spanish which he tries to keep up by speaking at every opportunity presented. After graduating from Creighton Dental School, Dr. Parrott practiced in Gilbert, Arizona for 10 years, then was able to fulfill his lifelong dream of practicing with his dad in Paradise, California.

Alexis and Dr. Parrott have eight kids between them (two have passed on) and at last count, thirteen grandchildren. When the “Camp” fire in November 2018 destroyed their home and office in Paradise, California, they chose to relocate to Queen Creek where cold winters would not be an issue and to be near four of their children.

Dr. Parrott still has a dental practice in Northern California and has discovered his passion is teaching other dentists to be gentle, caring, and creative in providing the care that patients want and need. Yes, he does still treat patients in California as the team has asked, and he continues to work with them. Dr. Parrott is excited to be working so close to his new home and have the opportunity to help the people of Queen Creek

With Dr. Parrott’s guidance, you are likely to see some changes. He’s an outlier in the dental community proving that truly patient-centric care can work for everyone. You will probably see more forms and handouts as we strive to make sure you are as informed as you would like to be.

We will be offering FREE Second Opinions to serve our community. So, if you know of someone confused or concerned about the option(s) they were given, have them give us a call. We will happily look things over, help them understand better, and maybe even come up with different options; and they won’t pay a cent for the visit.

Over the next little while, you will see improvements to our reception area and the comfort of the office. We hope these improvements along with additional training for our team will give you    the experience you never thought you could have but want in a dental office.

We’re excited to demonstrate that dental care can be done with Gentle Excellence and being respectful of YOUR time. Give us a call and watch us as we improve.

Remember, this is the time of year when insurance runs out. USE it or LOSE it.

Call (480) 445-9188 today and make a reservation with Dr. Othman, Dr. Parrott, or one of our amazing hygienists, Hanna and Monique, while we still have time available this year.

See you soon!

~ The It’s YOUR Time Dental team

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