General Dentistry

Full-Service General Dentistry in Queen Creek, AZ

The service that sits at the center of any smart oral health regimen is regular cleanings and exams at your dentist office – this is part of general dentistry. These appointments give your dental team the opportunity to catch minor oral health concerns before they develop into more serious complications. Call or book online to schedule with our welcoming and knowledgeable dental team.

Why are professional dental cleanings necessary?

One common dental myth is that just because your teeth look and feel great, this means that you are not suffering from any oral health complications. In reality, even patients with perfect-looking teeth that feel great can still be suffering from a variety of oral health concerns, namely gum disease. Even patients with immaculate oral health should still come in for routine cleanings (even dental professionals get theirs cleaned about two times a year) and annual exams. Our team can remove plaque and tartar that at-home cleanings simply cannot.

Professional in-office dental cleanings help prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and other avoidable oral health concerns, while preventing more serious complications from arising.

What happens during a cleaning and exam appointment?

Come see the smile team at It’s YOUR Time Dental for routine dental cleanings on a regular basis to maintain optimal oral health.

Our team will examine your teeth for any oral health complications and signs of decay, as well as help you know how to best maintain excellent oral health and give recommendations for at-home products. You’ll leave with a fresh clean mouth.

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